The problem of sharp upward thrust in paper prices in Urdu Bazaar, the publishers of Urdu Bazaar expressed their inability to print books for the brand new academic year.

Urdu Bazaar

An assembly of publishers became held in Urdu Bazaar beneath the chairmanship of President Khalid Pervez.

There is a risk of shortage of correct books in Punjab together with Lahore city as all publishers of Urdu Bazaar have expressed their inability to publish correct books for the new academic year


Essential meetings of the publishers become held in Urdu Bazaar below the chairmanship of President Khalid Pervez. The publishers stated that the fees of paper are skyrocketing.

He said that at the time whilst there have been tenders for printing books with the Punjab Textbook Board, the rate of paper became round Rs. 115 and now it has reached Rs. 225 in step with kg.

Price of paper

Provide paper on cash bills or reduce the price of paper. Publishers can't sell their house and buy highly-priced paper and print books If the Punjab Textbook Board does not concentrate, no publishers will print textbooks and the responsibility of not getting books to youngsters could be imposed on the board