Psychological Counseling

Psychological research contains aware stories of the mind. It has a huge variety in educational and social science spanning throughout disciplines. Other psychologists attempt to find out about mental mechanisms in human conduct. Then some of the researchers have examined how neurotransmitter function is affected. For reading psychosocial variables researchers use empirical models for establishing causal and courting. While psychology is frequently a place that entails treating a person who is suffering in therapy or remedy. During the ones, same educational day’s psychologists achieved research of diverse subjects concerning psychological approaches and behavior. Both humans observe unconscious mental approaches. Read More >>

Personal counseling

Personal counseling requires you and a counselor to work together to achieve your aim for change. The counseling process varies turn on the personalities of the counselor and the client. And the specific discussion you bring forward. There are many different medicinal approaches. Our counselors may use the inscription of the challenges you might be hoping to address. But the most important factors in the success of counseling are your honesty and active help. In the process and the quality of the relationship connecting you and the counselor. Particularly anyhow, you feel understood by your counselor.And reflect on your condition or difficulties with someone instructed. Read More >>

Parental counseling

Parenting counseling is a type of service that aims to provide compulsory knowledge, tools, guidance. And most Especially support parents without partisanship or judgment. This way, they become more fully provided to take care of their children. For all that becoming a parent is satisfying, is also challenging.What is Parent Counseling: Overview, Advantage, and Awaited Results? Read More >>

Educational Counseling

The importance of educational counseling has trek ten folds since the rise of development. In the current age of rapidly-evolving scientific knowledge and advanced technologies, Student exchange programs, education for all programs, scholarships programs, and specially focused programs for third world and developing countries are encouraging students from all over the world to become a part of the international student community Many students are interested in educational counseling services such as: Evaluation of optimal course/degree Resolve the institute best suited to their needs Applying for admissions and scholarships Scoring language competency tests Writing Motivation Essays and Research Proposals Development of social skills, management skills, and leadership qualities. Read More >>

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Counselers We Have

Counselers Record

Alina Ghulam Dastgir

  • Experience:2 Years
  • Qualification: B.S (Hon)

Summayyah saeed

  • Experience:Clinical psychology
  • Qualification: M-Phil in psychology

Tayyaba Kayani

  • Experience:Psychology
  • Qualification: ADCP

Rabia Ishaq

  • Experience:Clinical psychology
  • Qualification: Masters