Top universities in France 2022/2023 | France Universities Ranking

Top universities in France are amazing cities. In such lovely cities, it is impossible that university facilities will be deemed inferior. We have decided to give you the best universities in France the best programs that will make you consider studying in the best place in the world. The QS rankings have placed 3 French universities in the top 125 university universities worldwide. Those who want to learn French can use the Parisian environment to their advantage to learn French quickly.

World University Rank 2022 France Rank 2022 University
117 1 Université Paris-Saclay
95 2 Institut Polytechnique de Paris
88 3 Sorbonne University
40 4 Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL Research University Paris


What is the best university in France for international students?

Best Universities in France for International Students

1.Paris Sciences et Lettres University (PSL Research University / PSL) …

2.École Polytechnique. …

3.Sorbonne University. …

4.University of Paris. …

5.Paris-Saclay University. …

6.Télécom Paris (ENST / Télécom) …

7.École des Ponts ParisTech (ENPC / Ponts)

Which course is best in France?

Study Management / MBA in France:

Management is the top favored among all of the publications. One can do specialization in special fields along with Entrepreneurship, task management, strategic management, and preferred control. Nine out of fifty colleges are covered a number of the satisfactory faculties in Europe

1. Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University

The QS World University Rankings 2015 placed its forerunner, Paris-Sorbonne University, at number 222 in the world. It was ranked 9th in modern languages, 36th in arts and humanities (1st in France), and 127th in social sciences and management when it came to faculty (5th in France). According to

the Times Higher Education 2015, it was ranked 80 (2nd in France) in terms of academic reputation and 2nd in terms of overall highest worldwide reputation among all academic institutions in France. According to the QS World University Rankings, Paris-Sorbonne was ranked 227 in the world in 2014, with 115 students studying Social Sciences and Management and 33 students studying Arts and Humanities.

Sorbonne University’s programs

The majority of academic programs at Sorbonne University are offered in French. Discover the courses available in our three faculties: the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and the Faculty of Medicine, which range from bachelor’s degrees to master’s programs and doctorate contracts.

Arts and Humanities Faculty courses

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities continues to sustain key humanist traditions of knowledge pursuit and dissemination. It offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in literature, languages, arts, culture, communication, education, and the human and social sciences to its students. Programs in continuing education are also available through the faculty.

Science and Engineering Faculty courses

Math, physics, chemistry, biology, geosciences, mechanics, computer science, electronics, and engineering are all offered at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. These subjects and more are covered through bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and continuing education programs.

Medical School Courses

From their first year of study to their third cycle. The Faculty of Medicine shapes the doctors and health professionals of tomorrow by offering a variety of degrees. Such as the DES (Diploma of Specialized Studies). DESC (Diploma of Complementary Specialized Studies), DU (University Diploma). And DIU (Diploma of International University) (Inter-University Diploma.)

The majority of training takes conducted in La Pitié-Salpêtrière and Saint-Antoine, which also has a midwifery school. Speech therapy, psychomotricity, and orthoptics are among the paramedical skills taught by the faculty.

Bachelor’s Degrees in a variety of fields

Sorbonne University, as a really creative institution, also allows students to enroll in multidisciplinary bachelor’s degrees. Bi-disciplinary and double degrees in anything from science and media to science and music, computer sciences and literature to law and science are available, spanning faculties and subject areas.

Courses in Education (INSPE)

Courses in Education (INSPE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of education.

For aspiring teachers and education professionals in France, the Institut National Supérieur du Professorat et de l’Education de l’Académie de Paris provides French courses.

Doctoral Degree Programs

You must apply to the Doctoral School to enroll in a doctoral program at Sorbonne University. Here you can pick your faculty:

Sorbonne university admission requirements for international students

Sorbonne University is looking for students that are extremely driven and have a strong academic background. You must meet the following entrance requirements for your program of interest to be considered for study at Sorbonne University. Everyone’s journey to university is significant and pivotal. Allow professionals to assist you during the admissions process.

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2.Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL Research University

Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL Research University

PSL Research University Paris Sciences and Letters (PRES) is a research university based in Paris, France.

The CPES is a selective and challenging first cycle in the heart of Paris, created by the University of Paris Sciences & Lettres and Lycée Henri-IV. The CPES, which is supported by some of the world’s most famous French institutions, educates individuals with exceptional potential, as well as those who are innovative and bold. With the goal of revealing the next generation of economic, academic, and cultural decision-makers, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Unique educational hybridization (preparatory classes at large

schools/universities), progressive specialization, interdisciplinarity, and early contact with the research world to promote innovation, flexibility, and creativity. What exactly is the CPES? The CPES is a rigorous training program aimed at inquiring students, creatives. And critics from around the world, whether from France or elsewhere.

Training program

The CPES is a rigorous training program aimed at inquiring students, creatives. And critics from all over the world, whether from France or elsewhere. If you then the CPES is for you. You prefer to profit from true multidisciplinary with bridges across routes. Allowing you to gradually refine your choice of orientation after completing your baccalaureate. You wish to monitor proximity within small groups of students, such as in CPGE. But without the pressure of contests.  If You want to learn about new fields through research-based training. Which promotes self-employment, reflexivity, and creativity, much like in the best academic courses… You only project yourself in a formation, giving the teachings of general culture, language study, and the arts a prominent role.

Masters courses Fee Bachelor course Fee
Arts  FR Rs 978,887 Chemistry  FR Rs 978,887
Biological  FR Rs 978,888 Economics  FR Rs 978,888
Chemistry  FR Rs 978,889 Health  FR Rs 978,889
Economics  FR Rs 978,890 Law & Jurisprudence  FR Rs 978,890
Engineering  FR Rs 978,891 Mathematics  FR Rs 978,891
Humanities  FR Rs 978,892 Philosophy  FR Rs 978,892
IT  FR Rs 978,893 Physics  FR Rs 978,893
Law & Jurisprudence,  FR Rs 978,894 Political Science  FR Rs 978,894
Management  FR Rs 978,895 Sociology  FR Rs 978,895


How to apply

1 follow: Choose an application

2 Step: Send your request

3 Step: Go to observe

To Observe PSL Research University Paris Sciences and Letters (PRES) Follow these next steps. Start your utility technique with the aid of urgent “Choose a program”. Contact your college representative to get facts approximately the necessary steps. Because the admissions set of rules may range for different nations.

Required files

However, when you apply for admission to PSL Research University Paris Sciences and Letters (PRES) in France. You should put together all the required documents. Request a listing of important documents without delay from a college. As it is able to range for one-of-a-kind country. Using our live chat, you can additionally ask for pattern files.

1. All-Academic Documents

2. Online Application shape

3. Passport

4. Contact No

5. Email Id

6. Photographs

7. Proof of charge payment

8.Resume/CV (graduate, postgraduate)

9. Local Language Certificate

10. Health and Life Insurance

11. Student visa

12. Declaration for monetary support

13. Motivation Letter

14. Research inspiration define (MA, Ph.D.)

15. Supervisor Agreement Form (Ph.D.)

3.Université Paris-Saclay

Université Paris-Saclay

Université Paris-Saclay


Programs that are available

Inorganic, physical, and solid chemistry are the three types of chemistry.

Management of purchasing and supplier relationships.

Management of sports, recreation, and events.

Interfaces and Molecular Chemistry

Global Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Financial Engineering and Strategy

Analytical Strategies Research and Development

How to apply university Paris-Saclay international students requirements

Documents required for university admissions

The university will offer you a certificate of admission or pre-registration.

Authorization by Campus France.

ID card or passport (valid for the duration of your stay)

Photos that are similar to those on a driver’s license or a passport.

Copies of graduation certificates, as well as their French translations.

There will be a registration charge.

How can I apply for a scholarship at the Université Paris-Saclay?

Please follow the instructions below to apply for this scholarship.

1. After creating an account using this link, fill out your application on the university’s application portal.

2. Selected students for master’s programs will receive an email with a link to an online application form.

3. Students interested in applying should complete the online application form and give (required) the names of two references (professors, internship coordinators, etc.) who would be ready to submit a reference for the candidate.

4. Each of the Candidate’s two References will receive an email with a link to an online Recommendation Form. Prior to the event, they will be requested to complete and submit a form this is the last day to apply for a scholarship.

5. When each Reference Submits the form. The candidate will be notified Automatically.

6. When both recommendation forms from the two references have been submitted. The application will be considered complete.

7. A notification indicating that the application is complete will not be sent to the candidate.

8. The candidate is responsible for ensuring that both references fill out and submit the form by the deadline specified in the invitation email.

9. Completed applications and those submitted after the deadline will be immediately discarded.