Rankings of universities in Canada

Top universities in Canada University Rankings in Canada are typically published every year in many national or international publications. Postsecondary institution ranking is usually done via magazines, newspapers and websites, the government, or the university. The ranking is a system that helps inform potential applicants to universities in Canada using a range of criteria.

 Top universities in Canada 2022

Top universities in Canada Use the data from the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022 to find the finest universities in Canada.

world universities Rank 2022 Canada Rank 2022 University Province City
18 1 University of Toronto Ontario Toronto
37 2 University of British Columbia British Columbia Vancouver
44 3 McGill University Quebec Montreal
80 4 McMaster University Ontario Hamilton
88 5 University of Montreal Quebec Montreal
125 6 University of Alberta Alberta Edmonton
162 7 University of Ottawa Ontario Ottawa


Some of the world’s most prestigious universities are located in Canada. According to the Times Higher Education, 32 Canadian universities are among the top in the world.

Canada has seven universities ranked in the top 200 universities in the world, so there are lots of options for a world-class education.

In comparison to the United States, Canada can offer lower-cost education options, easier application processes, and more permanent residency prospects.

The University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia, Canada’s top two universities, score very well in terms of research impact, indicating that they create high-quality, well-respected academic work.

Many Canadian colleges are known for supporting international cooperation and recruiting international students and faculty, so you can expect a multicultural environment on campus.

Top universities in Canada

1. University of Montreal

University of Montreal

University of Montreal

In Canada’s top five universities, the University of Montreal is the only francophone institution.

– International students make up about a quarter of the student body at the university.

With more than 36,000 students, it is the country’s second-largest institution.

On the slopes of Mount Royal, the University of Montreal’s main campus is located. Built in the Art Deco style, the center structure stands out.

An undergraduate degree is pursued by 74% of the student body. Undergraduate and postgraduate students are represented by a student union, which is linked with three fraternities and sororities.

The Carabins, who play badminton, Canadian football, and hockey, are among the most popular university sports. other types of sports

The university has produced a number of notable business leaders, including Louis R. Chênevert, the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. Other graduates have made significant contributions to scientific study, including breakthroughs in nuclear power, vision, and quantum cryptography.

Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and ten Quebec premiers are among the university’s alumni.

International Students’ Scholarship

The Université de Montréal has launched a new scholarship program to relieve international students from paying additional tuition fees.
The purpose of this new initiative is to assist the brightest talent from around. The world in attending one of the world’s most prestigious francophone research universities. As a result, these international students will contribute to our education. Objective by strengthening the Université de Montréal community’s cultural variety.
The exemption scholarship program at the University of Munich is intended. To assist overseas students in their university studies. They may be excluded from the tuition fees ordinarily charged to overseas students starting in the fall of 2020. Scholarships will be awarded for winter 2022, summer 2022, fall 2022, and winter 2023 terms.

International students’ admissions criteria

1. You must meet the following conditions to be admitted as an international student at UFV:

1. Basic specifications

2. Language requirements in English

3. Conditions of the program

It’s important to keep in mind that UFV programs are quite competitive. As a result, even if you meet the program’s minimum admission requirements, we cannot guarantee you an offer of admission.

2. Basic requirements

Upper secondary qualifications that are equivalent to Canadian Grade 12 are required. This could contain the following:

1. Form Six

2. At least two A-levels plus five O-levels

3. GCE/General Certificate of Education (GCE/GCE/GCE/GCE/GCE

See the full list of international qualifications that are equivalent to Grade 12 in Canada.

2. Language requirements in English

You must have a minimal level of English language competency for your program as an international student. If you don’t, you might be able to benefit from one of our English proficiency improvement programs.

The University of the Fraser Valley considers three levels of English language proficiency:

  •  You are eligible for our academic undergraduate and graduate programs if you have the highest level of English proficiency.
  •  You may be eligible for our program if you do not meet the academic graduate/undergraduate level.
    Program for Qualifying Studies You may be eligible for undergraduate or graduate academic studies after completing it and re-testing.
  •  If you don’t satisfy the requirements of our Qualifying Studies Program, you can be qualified for our English Language Studies (ELS) foundational English and academic upgrading program. You can be qualified for the Qualifying Studies Program if you finish the ELS program. Check out our English language requirements for overseas students.

3. Specifications of the program

Each program has its own set of entrance criteria, in addition to general and English-language requirements. You may need to take additional classes to improve your math, science, or other skills, for example. Even if you are conditionally accepted into the program, this may be a prerequisite.
See the following link for further information on the program’s specific requirements:

1. The University of the Fraser Valley’s academic schedule

2. Personal Study Tool for International Students

3. Program requirements for English as a Second Language

Anyone who wants to improve their English skills should enroll in the English Second Language Program. You must have completed high school (or Form Five) and be at least eighteen years old to apply for the English Second Language Program.

Deferral Deadline Extension for International Students in Winter 2022

• The deadline for submitting a deferral request form has been extended by UFV. 2022, from January 2nd until January 14th

Admissions 2022 at the University of Montreal

69,926 students are enrolled in the University of Montreal, with 45,883 at UdeM, 14,820 at HEC, and 9,223 at Polytechnique Montréal.
Application Fee: For undergraduate and graduate applications, the university levies a fee of CAD 102.50, which can be paid online.

It is mostly a French-speaking university, but it also offers English-language studies. As a result, students must demonstrate at least a B2 level of French ability. Exams for International Students Who Want to Study in Canada.

The University of Montreal is accepting applications for the fall, winter, and summer semesters. The fall semester’s deadline is February 1st.

2.McMaster University

McMaster University

McMaster University

. Top universities in Canada McMaster University – Located in Hamilton, Ontario, McMaster University is a public university. Over 90 countries are represented among students and faculty.

The main campus of the institution is located on 121 acres near the Royal Botanical Gardens of Hamilton.

William McMaster, a renowned Canadian senator, and banker who donated C$900,000 to help build the university is its namesake.

There are faculties of engineering, business, arts, social sciences, and science at McMaster, as well as a world-renowned medical school. The institution places a high value on research that addresses some of society’s most pressing problems, particularly in the field of health sciences. This includes research from the Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute, which has transformed human skin into blood cells, which may assist to alleviate the disease. Blood donors are in short supply.

Around 70 international exchange agreements exist between the university and institutions around the world.

3.McGill University

McGill University

McGill University

– McGill University has students from over 150 nations.

– In 1821, the university was established.

Top universities in Canada McGill University is the only Canadian university in the World Economic Forum’s Global University Leaders Forum, which brings together the heads of 26 of the world’s most prestigious higher education institutions.

The main campus is located in downtown Montreal, at the foot of Mount Royal. The Park-like Campus also Houses a large number of first-year students.

The campus has a Striking look thanks to the Use of Local Grey limestone in all of the Original Structures.

McGill Established the Country’s first Medical school in 1829, and the university continues to Rank strongly in world rankings for clinical disciplines.

More than 31,000 students are enrolled at the university, which offers over 300-degree programs. It is significant. As a result, it has established itself as one of Canada’s most internationally varied universities.

McGill has produced musicians such as Leonard Cohen and actors such as William Shatner. More Rhodes Scholars are educated at the university than at any other institution in Canada.

International students’ admissions criteria

  • A Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent, as determined by McGill University) in a subject closely similar to the one chosen for graduate study. Your educational qualifications will be evaluated for equivalency with a McGill University degree if you got them at a non-Canadian university. For further information, please see the page on International Degree Equivalency.
  • Excellent grades: In the last two years of full-time studies, you must have a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0 out of 4.0 or a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.2 out of 4.0. A greater CGPA is required for admission in some departments, though. For further information, go to the program’s page.
  • English language proficiency: English is McGill’s primary medium of instruction. Except in circumstances when understanding the English language is one of the course’s objectives, you may make preparations to write papers, exams, and theses in French. You may be required to show that you have a sufficient command of the English language prior to admission. The English Language Proficiency website has more information.

McGill’s graduate admissions process is holistic, which means that a variety of variables, such as academic qualifications and grades, are taken into account when making a decision. To be considered for acceptance, all students must achieve the necessary minimum standards. It is not a guarantee that you will be admitted if you meet the basic standards. Graduate school admission is extremely tough, and it is also contingent on the applicant’s academic performance.

the academic unit’s admittance requirements and the availability of resources such as supervision, funding, laboratory space, class size, and so on

4. University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia

Top universities in Canada are the oldest university inside the province, the University of British Columbia is one of the maximum competitive in Canada.

-Eight Nobel prizewinners are related to the university, as are 71 Rhodes scholars and 65 Olympic medallists.

There are two main  Campus one is in Vancouver, and the other is in Kelowna. The fundamental campus in Vancouver is close to several seashores and has perspectives over the North Shore mountains. There are a number of botanical and memorial gardens on campus in addition to a famed performing arts center.

The university offers a number of scholarships, which include the Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award for applicants from struggle-torn countries.

The university is organized into 12 faculties at the Vancouver campus and a similarly seven at the Kelowna campus. The college offers a special joint undergraduate application with Sciences Po in Paris.

Three Canadian high ministers had been knowledgeable at UBC, along with modern high minister Justin Trudeau, who graduated with a Bachelor of Education diploma.

Admission Requirements for International Students

With over 396 international students from over 40 countries enrolled in the past year, UNBC has a significant and active international student population. Each application for an international student will be evaluated on its own merits. Students will be eligible for admission if they complete their studies at an approved high school and/or a recognized post-secondary institution.

Language Proficiency in English

International applicants must be in good standing and possess an adequate level of English proficiency.

5. University of Toronto

University of Toronto

University of Toronto

Top universities in Canada In the World University Rankings for 2022, the University of Toronto is the only Canadian university in the top 20. Among the famous graduates are five Canadian prime ministers, as well as authors Michael Ondaatje and Margaret Atwood. In total, ten Nobel laureates have attended the university.

It is structured in the same way as elite universities in the United Kingdom, with colleges. Each of the seven colleges has its own traditions and histories.

The Institution of Toronto has a lengthy record of firsts to its name, including being the first academic publishing company in Canada, the first forest science college in the country, and the first Canadian institution to have a total endowment of more than C$1 billion (£586 million).

Its main campus is located in the city. The National Register of Historic Places recognizes a number of historic buildings and courtyards. Here you’ll find some of Canada’s most beautiful university buildings.

The university awards approximately 700 undergraduate and 200 postgraduate degrees and is regarded among the best in the world for medical education.

University of Toronto fees

Notifications from the University of Toronto, Toronto

U of T forms a three-way alliance with UMelb and the University of Manchester for global collaboration on January 7, 2022.

Find out more

Applications for the Fall Intake of B.Sc Computer Science will be accepted till January 15, 2022.

Find out more

The University of Toronto (U of T) is a well-known public university in Toronto that is a global leader in higher education and research. Over 93,000 students attend this multi-campus institution (St. George, Mississauga, and Scarborough), with over 23,000 international students. With over 980, Undergraduate and Graduate programs, U of T offers a diverse choice of courses in a Wide Range of fields.

Those of you hoping to enroll at UToronto should be aware that there is a waiting list.

At Toronto, an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher is required for admission to bachelor’s courses, and a score of 7.0 or higher is required for admission to master’s programs. GRE/GMAT scores are required for admission to popular master’s programs such as UToronto’s MBA, MSc Computer Science, M.Fin, MiM, and others.

University of Toronto application deadline 2022

important Deadlines for Submissions


The admission procedure for universities begins in the fall of the year before you want to begin your studies. Make careful to check for scholarships(external link) as soon as possible, as some have early deadlines.

Our advertised application and supporting document deadlines are shown below. We strongly advise you to submit your application, along with the required application fee, as well as your supporting documentation, far ahead of the given dates, since spots are limited. Spaces fill quickly, and programs may close before the application deadlines mentioned below. Admission decisions are published between late January and late May.

Your application will be canceled with no return if we receive it from OUAC after the program has concluded.

Approximately one percent We’ll send you an email acknowledgment a week after we receive your application, including your JOINid/UTORid, your University of Toronto applicant number, and detailed instructions on how to proceed with the application.

If you’re not sure which application you need to submit, consult the list below (OUAC 101, OUAC 105, U of T International, Internal, etc.),

Application Deadlines for Undergraduate Programs

Current Ontario High School Students (OUAC one hundred and one)

Faculty/Program Deadline
Applied Science and Engineering (such as International Foundation Program) Jan-13
Architecture, Landscape, and Design (together with International Foundation Program) Jan-13
Faculty of arts and science, and U of T St. George (consisting of International Foundation Program) Jan-13
Kinesiology & Physical Education January 13 (Extended to February 1)
Music (which includes International Foundation Program) Jan-13
U of T Mississauga (all applications except Theatre & Drama software) January 13(Extended to February 1)
U of T Mississauga – Theatre & Drama program January 13 (Extended to January 24)
U of T Scarborough January 13 (Extended to February 1)


All Other Applicants to Full-Time Undergraduate Programs (International, OUAC one hundred and five, Internal Applications)

We encourage you to post your utility and the correct utility rate and submit your supporting files properly in advance of posted time limits as areas can fill up quickly and programs may additionally close earlier than the utility cut-off dates indexed below. If we get hold of your utility from OUAC after this system is closed, your utility may be canceled without a refund.

Faculty/Program Final Deadline
Applied Science and Engineering (inclusive of International Foundation Program) Jan-13
Architecture, Landscape, and Design (inclusive of International Foundation Program) Jan-13
Faculty of Arts and Science, U of T St. George (including International Foundation Program) Jan-13
Bachelor of Information May-15
Kinesiology & Physical Education January 13 (Extended to February 1)
Music (together with International Foundation Program) Jan-13
Nursing January 15(Extended to January 22)
Physician Assistant Jan-18
U of T Mississauga (all applications except Theatre & Drama program) January 13 (Extended to February 1)
U of T Mississauga – Theatre & Drama application January 13 (Extended to January 24)
U of T Scarborough January 13 (Extended to February 1)


Part-time Studies (Summer and Fall sessions)

University Program Summer Session (May Start) Fall Session (September Start)
Applied Science and Engineering n/a Jan-13
university of Arts and Science, U of T St. George Jan-13 Jan-13
U of T Mississauga January 13 (Extended to February 1) January 13 (Extended to February 1)
U of T Scarborough January 13 (Extended to February 1) January 13 (Extended to February 1)


Non-Degree (Summer and Fall periods)

University/Program Summer Session (May Start) Fall Session (September Start)
university of Arts and Science, U of T St. George Jan-13 Jun-02
U of T Mississauga January 13 (Extended to February 1) Jun-02
U of T Scarborough January 13 (Extended to February 1) Jun-02


Deadlines to Submit Supporting Documentation

OUAC one hundred and one Applicants

Admission selections for Ontario secondary faculty (OUAC 101) candidates could be launched between January and past due May.

February 1 is the closing date for receipt of transcripts and, if required, English facility test ratings. As some offers of admission may be made before February 1, applicants are endorsed to apply early and put up any required documentation properly earlier than this date. Late files might be considered as space lets in.

Please word that the “early advocated dates” unique in the desk below do no longer affect the attention of OUAC one hundred and one applications. All Ontario Secondary School candidates are dealt with equally during the evaluation technique as long as their helping documents are received via everyday closing dates set out under.

Program Area Supplementary Application Deadline

Program Area Supplementary Application Deadline
Applied Science and Engineering Online Student Profile due February 1 (early suggest a date: December 15)
Architecture, Landscape, and Design One Idea Supplementary Application due February 1
University of Arts and Science, U of T St. George Rotman Commerce: Rotman Commerce Supplementary Application due February 1 (early advocated date: December 15)
Computer Science: Computer Science Supplementary Application due February 1 (early endorsed date: December 15)
Kinesiology and Physical Education Statement of Interest due February 15
Music Music Questionnaire due to January 17
U of T Mississauga N/A€
U of T Scarborough Supplementary Application Form (SAF) due February 15 (Early recommended date. December 15 for co-op Management and International Business and Co-op International Development Studies)

Including International Foundation Program.

€ Auditions held in March for Theatre & Drama Studies application.

All Other Applicants

Admission choices are released between late January and late May.  The earliest rounds of consideration will take location before the February file closing date. However, applicants who put up documentation early are capable of maximizing their possibilities for admission consideration. Documents acquired after the February deadline could be considered as the area allows.

Supplementary packages can most effectively be submitted after a pupil has carried out to the program region