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This is the page’s sharing France isn’t surprising at all. Tell me where I should begin my research for a study in France. The country of France evokes images of creativity. An idealized perspective influences urban sophistication and its history in cities.

France has universities.


France has one of the best higher education systems in Europe, if not the entire globe. Several French universities consistently rank among the best in the world. École Normale Supérieure, École Polytechnique, University Pierre and Marie Curie, and University of Paris-Sud are among the well-known universities. financial resources (about 615 EUR per month) to pay all of your living expenses during your studies.

How to Apply for University in France

How to Apply  for Universities in France

How to Apply  for Universities in France

  1. You can apply to several institutions directly through their websites.
  2. Check entry requirements carefully: some undergraduate and graduate programs need standardized tests such as the GRE, GMAT, or LSAT.
  3. To maximize your chances of admission, apply to at least three different colleges.
  4. Non-EU/EEA students must pass a mandatory Preliminary Admission (“demande d’admission préalable” – DAP) exam. Apply for DAP at the French Embassy in your Home country’s Culture and Cooperation Service.

Student visas and applications for France

Documents needed to apply for a student visa in France

Student visas and applications for France

Student visas and applications for France

  • An application for a visa.
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • A valid passport as well as copies of previous visas.
  • A letter of acceptance or enrolling from the university.
  • Evidence of financial resources (about 615 EUR per month) to pay all of your living expenses during your studies. How to Apply

When comparing Paris study abroad program expenses, keep in mind what you’ll be paying for. The average cost of a study abroad program is currently around $18,000 per semester or $36,000 per year. This is a significant investment, but think about what you’re getting for your money.

In terms of the number of international students, France is becoming increasingly popular. Let’s have a look at how much it costs to study in France. Studying in France is known for its inexpensive tuition prices, making it accessible to international students. Here’s all you need to know about studying in France: The Cost of Education in France

There are 3500 public and private organizations that provide great services. Projects and training are available. One of the advantages of study in France is that education is less expensive than in the United States and the United Kingdom. International students are also supported financially.

International Students’ Tuition Fees in France

In France, there are 83 universities. They have the backing of the national government. They give understudies a fantastic education at a reasonable cost. The cost of study in France varies depending on the curriculum you choose.

International students can study at public universities in France.

Prior to 2019, the average annual tuition rates for undergraduate programs study in France were around 190 EUR. In France, the average tuition rates for studying medicine were 450 EUR per year. It was 620 EUR per year for engineering degrees. Master’s and Ph.D. tuition expenses were 260 EUR per year and 396 EUR per year, respectively. However, French is the primary language of instruction in public universities in France. Private university tuition costs will be 2,770 dollars starting in 2019. In France, bachelor’s degrees cost 3,770 euros per year and master’s degrees cost 3,770 euros per year. Studying in France is expensive for Indian students.

For Indian students, the cost of study in France will be the same as for international students from outside of the EU. Along with the increase in costs, there are a number of French scholarships for Indian students to attract more international students.

If you are an Indian student interested in study in France, you may get all the information you need here: Indian students can study in France.

Studying at different types of institutes in France costs more.

In Comparison to public Institutions, the cost of a Private University in France will be higher. Private university tuition fees range from 1500 to 2000 euros per year. Fees for an MBA in France. Because every MBA program in France is a private university program, overseas students should expect to pay between 5000 and 7000 EUR each year.

International Students Can Attend Low-Cost Universities in France

Everyone wishes to enroll in a low-cost study in Frence institution for overseas students in order to avoid student debt. Here are some of the cheapest as well as top-ranked institutions in France for international students:

Cheap Universities in France                 Average Tuition Fees

École Polytechnique                                   12,000 EUR/12 months

Pierre and Marie Curie University                 350 EUR/12 months

École Supérieure d’Electricite SUPELEC               2,000 EUR/yr

Paris Descartes University                                  250 EUR/yr

For additional information, overseas visitors should visit: International students can attend the cheapest universities in France.

The Cost of English Studying in France:

In France, you may get practically any course in English, from MBBS to MBA. The prices of study in France for English-taught courses are solely indicated by the courses and universities mentioned above. France has long offered English-taught courses in order to lure more international students to its shores and to make its top courses more relevant to global education. This also means that fluency in French is not required to study in France.

Almost all universities have various fees for international students, thus the fees and costs of studying in France indicated above apply to them all. Courses given in English are also available.

Scholarships available in France

 Study in France has become one of the most well-known study targets for understudies all over the planet. However, students may not always be able to afford to pay for both their studies and their living expenses. Some private colleges charge exorbitant fees, up to €10,000 per year, thus the scholarship is a godsend for international students. In France, the central government offers a variety of scholarships to both international and domestic students.

The French government offers a number of scholarships for students to study in France, including:

  1. Scholarships for Eiffel Excellence
  2.    Master’s Scholarships in the Ile-de-France
  3. International Selection École Normale Supérieure
  4. ENS de Lyon Ampere Excellence Scholarships
  5. Master’s Scholarships at Université de Lyon
  6. Foundation Scholarships at the Grenoble Institute of Technology
  7. Sciences Po University Emily Boutmy Scholarships
  8. Scholarships for INSEAD MBAs

Because tuition-free universities for overseas students are tough to discover in France, it is preferable to apply for scholarships and obtain a low-cost study abroad education. International students’ living costs in France

International students’ living costs in France

It includes your food expenses, housing allowances, clothing, and utility charges, among other things. Your weekly food expenses will be determined by whether you purchase from the outskirts of a city, such as Carrefour, or from a nearby grocery store, which will be more expensive.

If you rent a condo, you are responsible for the care of the building and other offices. The fee covers things like stair cleaning, attendant fees, elevator repair, and water, among other things. These fees are frequently included in the rental price as “charges comprise.” If it isn’t, it will appear as “charges.”

The standard monthly support rate is €25 ($29.75) per square meter. every year (per square foot, €2.32 [$2.76]). The utility of your French property will be determined by the climate in which you live. Utility costs range from $50 to $100 per month for those living on the outskirts of town. France’s Average Cost of Living

The amount you spend on living expenses in France each month will be determined by your personal lifestyle and the location where you wish to live. The following are the average living costs in various cities:

The monthly rent in Paris is between 1,050 and 1,200 EUR.

Nice: anywhere between 700 and 920 EUR per month

Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux, or Toulouse: between 650 and 850 – 900 EUR, while the rest of the country is around 600 EUR.

In France, student housing is available.

The majority of convenience costs exceed the global average of 200–300 EUR per month. The following are the most common housing choices for understudies in France:

Home understudy corridors – in the neighborhood of 150

Nice: anywhere between 700 and 920 EUR per month

Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux, or Toulouse: between 650 and 850 – 900 EUR, while the rest of the country is around 600 EUR.

In France, student housing is available.

The majority of convenience costs exceed the global average of 200–300 EUR per month. The following are the most common housing choices for understudies in France:

Home understudy corridors – between 150 to 600 EUR each month.

Rent/share a loft for between 400 and 700 EUR per month.

If you plan to live with your partner or possibly children, the rent will cost between 700 and 1,000 EUR per month.

In Paris, rates range from 200 EUR per month to roughly 800 EUR per month for a host family.

Cost of Food in France

Okay, so we all are first-rate fanatics of French meals!!! Isn’t it? But the maximum common myth is that scrumptious food costs an excessive amount. That might be due to the French truly esteem every banquet and they influence it to seem as even though they’re constantly praising something after they eat. An average of two hundred-250 EUR/month is needed for simple materials in Paris. The normal fee for dinner is in the location of 15-20 EUR. The bistros, brasseries, and crepe stands are the more reasonable choices for having dinner in France.

Transportation in France

There are numerous modes of transportation like buses, trams, taxis, motorcycles, metro, etc. Students can take a bypass to the bus, metro, and tram which fees between 17 and 33 EUR. Taxis can fee 1.25 EUR/km which is economical in Paris. One can hire a motorbike via the Vélib bicycle condo program. One also can utilize the TGV for visiting extraordinary towns and it expenses around 20-25 EUR per journey.

Healthcare and Insurance

It is obligatory for each citizen in France to have Medical Insurance to cowl medical fees when wanted. Students can take any of the Public and Private medical health insurance plans for themselves. International Medical Plans aren’t allowed.

France presents a Universal Healthcare Coverage plan for the scholars to cowl their medical expenses. To be eligible for a countrywide medical insurance software, college students in France need to be:

  • Under 28 years of age on October 1st of the present-day University Year.
  • Enrolling in an application is 4 months or longer.
  • Must no longer be from the European Union or Switzerland.

For the scholars who are staying for less than four months in France, they’ll choose a private healthcare coverage provider.

Extra Study in France Costs and savings

So what can be other costs study in France, it might be your Health insurance. Medical treatment is very costly for international college students. Health insurance is very vital as no one is aware of it while they’ll require medical assistance.

The French government gives a unique plan of healthcare for all and sundry. After enrolling in that plan, college students could be secured. Insurance for fitness care fees 20-50 EUR per month. Books are a basic requirement for any scholar. It costs 50 EUR/month. Purchasing a teens travel card offers you heavy reductions while touring extraordinary areas.

Cost of Student Visa in France:

 Study in France the price of making use of a Long-Stay Student Visa is ninety-nine Euros. Depending on the USA you’re from, there might be a few Campus France and/or VFS feed connected to the visa prices. Read extra at Student Visa For France for all of the information associated with student visas for the USA.