Serving Schools Association has requested the government to review its decision to close schools. President Serving Schools Mian Raza-Ur-Rehman has told that private institutions are already in financial crisis.
In the matter of closing again the educational institutions, the Serving Schools Association has requested the government to rethink about decision. President Mian Raza-Ur-Rehman says that closing down educational institutions is equal to destroy the future of  new generation, according to survey 25 million children are deprive from basic school education. 

He suggested that "there should be an alternate system instead of closing the educational institutes". Private institutions have to bear financial issues. Mian Raza said that; steps should be taken in public places.
Furthermore, School Education has called a CEO conference on March 18. The School Education Conference will be conducted by Secretary Schools Education Sarah Aslam. The CEO of Conference will review the examinations of Class I to VIII and the current circumstances of covid 19 . A dialogue will be conduct.