Private school teacher beaten student have gone viral on social media.

According to details, a teacher named Sobia of Educators Plate Campus, Muzaffarabad. Hit a young boy with a ruler just for the sake of having ‘fun ‘ in class

He said, “It’s time child abuse in schools must be prevented, and abusers are held accountable for the sake of the well-being of our children. For abusers, inflicting violence is merely a trivial act, but for children, it haunts them forever.”

Shameful act of a teacher name Sobia of Educators Plate Campus (Muzaffarabad). Hit the children just for laughing in the class with a scale. Extremely shameful and repugnant behaviour of the so-called teacher . Slapping little ones and inflicting injury for minor inconvenience is a hallmark of petty , insecure, and mentally challenged person. It's time child abuse be called out and abusers are taken to cleaners for the sake of well being of our children . For abusers , inflicting violence is merely a trivial act , but for children , it haunts them forever. I am taking every possible legal action against the abuser and ensure that no other child experiences the trauma and abuse from her sullied hands.