Peking University

Peking University is a university in Beijing, China.
The Imperial University of Peking (Pu) was China’s first national university, the Imperial University of Peking (Pu) was China’s first national university, founded in 1860.
Its key ideas include intellectual freedom and diversity appreciation.
Peking University has played a vital role in developing knowledge and improving society throughout its history.
In recent years, generations of highly competent and innovative intellectuals, political leaders, and business people have molded and will continue to define China’s modernization.

Peking University Programs

 Peking university application Information for International Students (Master’s Degree and Ph. D. Degree) at Peking University in 2022
Degree SchoolCollege Program
Ph.D. Programs at the College of Engineering that are taught in English
Ph.D. in International Education Development from the Graduate School of Education (IED)
Ph.D. in Computer Science and Technology, Department of Computer Science and Technology

Academic Schedule and Study Period

Peking University The following is the typical study period for each program:
Undergraduate degrees take four years to complete, master’s degrees take three years (or two in some situations), and doctoral degrees take four years to complete.
Students may apply for early or delayed graduation in certain circumstances.

Criteria for Admission

 Peking University Language proficiency in Chinese is required:

Chinese Language Research:
There is no prerequisite for Chinese proficiency.
PKU Institute of China as a Second Language students study Chinese.
Students can choose to attend one or two semesters of English-taught undergraduate or one or two semesters of Chinese at the School of Chinese as a Second Language.

Senior Visiting Students and Research Scholars are exempt from taking the Chinese language competency exam because they are assumed to be fluent in Chinese.

the Chinese language competency exam, assuming that the candidate has no difficulties talking with their boss.

The Chinese language competency exam is not necessary for undergraduates, master’s students, or doctoral students.

Processing of Applications

 Peking University The formal Letter of Admission is sent out at least 8 to 10 weeks after the application deadline.
During this time, we may contact you to schedule an interview or require further materials as part of your application process.
We will give you a Letter of Admission and other necessary documentation if you are approved.
Please contact the International Students Division via email or phone to check on the status of your application.
We may not be able to respond to all inquiries as quickly as we would like due to our small team.


 Peking university To apply for a Student Visa, successful applicants should bring their Letter of Admission as well as their JW201/202 form to a Chinese consulate or embassy.
An X1 visa is required for study periods of more than six months.
Within 30 days of arriving in China, accepted applicants must exchange their X1 visas for a Residence Permit at the Office of International Relations.
You can apply for an X2 visa if your study time is less than six months.

Health-care coverage

 Peking university According to Peking University requirements, all overseas students must be covered by medical insurance for the duration of their studies.
On the day of registration, students must acquire the Ping An insurance company’s Comprehensive Insurance Plan for Foreign Students, which includes:

The Chinese Ministry of Education has acknowledged and endorsed it.
Students without valid medical insurance are not permitted to enroll.


At PKU, international students can choose from a variety of accommodation options. Visit the following website for more information on Zhongguanxinyuan:

Students are responsible for finding their own housing.
Students who live off-campus must register with the local police department. At PKU, international students can choose from a variety of accommodation options.


  Humanities Subject Science Subjects
Undergraduate Program 26,000 RMB/Year 30,000 RMB/Year
Master’s Program 29,000 RMB/Year 33,000 RMB/Year
Master’s Program in english please refer to respective program brochures
Doctorate Program 32,000 RMB/Year 40,000 RMB/Year
GVS 1 26,000 RMB/Year 30,000 RMB/Year
GVS 2 26,000 RMB/Year 30,000 RMB/Year
GVS 3 18,000 RMB/Semester
Senior visiting students program 30,000 RMB/Year 34,000 RMB/Year
Research Scholar Program 3320 RMB/Month
Pre-University Program 36,000 RMB/Year
Short-Term Programs Tuition Fees vary according to the period of the courses, please refer to the flyer of ‘Short-Term Programs’

The estimated cost of living (For your reference)                                                                                           

Accommodation:               approximately 35,000 RMB/year
Board (meals):                    approximately 15,000 RMB/year
Transportation and other various costs:roundabout 5,000 RMB/year