It has been determine to tighten the tracking of accomplice faculties of the Punjab Education Foundation.

In case of non-attendance of students all the inspection. 

Rate bills can be decrease. Punjab Education Foundation has issued new rules for monitoring accomplice schools.

 If any scholar is absent throughout a faculty go to by using PAF officers.

His / her fee could be deduct. And any excuse of faculty management might be prevalent.

Will no longer be The names of college students. Who are absent from school can be remove from the Student Information System.

Attendance Inspection:

PAF Partner will make handiest one visit to the college's attendance inspection.

In case of the absence of college students. The request for a re-go to will no longer be regularly occurring.

PAF has issued new recommendations for the inspection of college students analyzing in companion colleges.

Department Of School Education Monitoring

It is to be refer to that if you want to remedy the problem of accuracy of incorrect. Statistics of instructors in the college information device.

The Department of School Education Monitoring Wing had furnished access to the schooling.

Government to correct the facts of instructors. Sis has been give the choice to correct teacher.

Correction Of Data:

Teachers might be able to contact the Education Authority for the accuracy of their facts.

School Education had issued a letter to all the authorities for the accuracy of the information.

Education authorities will be allow to accurate the facts till January 31.

According to the Department of School Education, after January 31.

In case of an error also the statistics.