Schools have closed for 2 weeks due to rise in Corona virus, all educational institutions will remain closed for 2 weeks. According to the Education Authority, Fine will be charged to that institute which will try to open itself during this pandemic situation. Educational teams will visit several schools regularly. Private schools will not be allowed to take exams during this stop.

 In the last few days, it has noticed that the number of corona positive cases in government schools only in Lahore had reached 43,including 1 clerk 17 teachers and 25 students were victims of corona. Already 12 schools had sealed due to corona virus.

 Hundreds teachers of grade-third  and students  side by side feared an increase in corona cases , violations of SOPs . Despite the growing cases of Corona in public schools, LND tests were still going on on the tab.

Hundreds of students taking tests on the same tab in schools threatened to spread the corona further. On the other hand, the Punjab Teachers Union said literacy and numeracy tests have been suspended in the current study to protect teachers and students in the corona. This should be done to save many teachers and students from bullying.

 The Corona virus had risen to alarming levels, with 991 new records reported in Lahore in 24 hours. The deaths of 16 people have been confirmed.

 The rate of cases found in Corona in the city has risen to 10% and the number of patients in hospitals has also increased, bringing in 365 patients, 146 ICUs and 16 patients who use respirators. The number of corona patients has grown exponentially. It has been decided to close educational institutions for two weeks.