Dear Ontario Parents,

It has been a trying yr for all Ontarians.

Yet, through the greatest challenges we faced.

Our province most particularly stimulate via. Our college students, mother and father.

And training workforce – got here together.

Unified in our attempt to prevent the spread and shop lives.

Thank you for your dedication.

Letters To Ontario Parents From The Minister Of Education.

We trust so strongly that faculties are crucial to the nicely-being, mental health.

And improvement of a toddler. Therefore, need to be safeguard at all costs to make sure.

they can stay open for secure in-elegance training.

Protecting What Matters

Most As we are facing growing case numbers.

The authorities introduced a Province wide Shutdown that installed location time-restrained Public health.

And workplace protection measures to help make certain.

Our colleges stay secure, to prevent the unfold of COVID-19. transmission in communities, and to save lives.

Now, at the same time as leading medical experts had been clear.

That colleges are not a supply of growing network transmission.

We can and might be an important a part of the solution to keep lives from COVID-19.

That is why we are following the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health by using taking proactive.

And preventative action to shield faculties shape the vacation wreck.


As part of those new regulations, simple.

And secondary school college students throughout. The province will study remotely for the first week of January.

As all and sundry can play a part in staying domestic.

And stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Our authorities will continue to work carefully with the education sector.

And health workers to assist make sure that the protection, well-being.

And educational fulfillment of college students stays the front and centre.

Chief Medical Officer of Health

As a part of that dedication, the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health has released.

Up to date guidance to neighborhood public health. Gadgets at the management of COVID-19covid.

Contacts, and outbreaks. The steering covers key subjects related to the control of COVID-19covid 19. 

In college settings together with guidance for managing symptomatic individuals.

Probably and confirmed instances. And suspected and confirmed outbreaks.

Our vaccine rollout keeps.

Vaccines are our excellent defence in opposition to COVID-19covid 19.

And variants, and could help protect our students.

Our cherished ones, and our groups from illness.

I thank all of you for the staying power. And reoilien you will got prove thru a few very tough time.

Let’s retain our high-quality momentum. And maintain operating collectively to make sure.

Our youngsters are secure, as they revel in a well-deserved.

Extra regular faculty year.

Improving air quality

Improving air quality in colleges is significantly essential for preserving faculty groups safe from COVID-19covid 19.

That why Im proud to feature, that our authorities has invested more than $six hundred million.

To improve faculty air flow systems. Following medical advice throughout the pandemic.

That’s on pinnacle of the $1.Four billion in annual investment.

We offer to school boards to renew faculty centers.

In overall, we are able to have furnished over 70,000 standalone filtration units.

And other air flow devices to preserve school rooms safe.

To enhance air exceptional at colleges with mechanical air flow.

We are instructing boards to apply the highest-grade filters. 

Where possible – carry out greater frequent filter changes.

Perform air structures longer. And calibrate structures for optimum air drift. 

And sparkling air intake.