The point of Establishing Islamabad Vocational and Technical Institute (IVT) is to present individuals with new components of life. We supply Commercial, Vocational and Technical Training. This is at final role among Top 10 Culinary Institutes in Pakistan. These publications are perfect for mainly the ones kind of men, ladies and housewives who waste their capacities. Generally individuals have this faulty judgment that there's no less than 3 to five years required for taking in knowhow. Here is the extraordinary opportunity for each advised and uneducated those who want to be a capable character. We deliver the sort of level in which you can get flair in a respectable state of affairs internal a short time-frame.

Institute provides all of the fabric throughout tailoring direction; include cloth, scale, pencil, measuring tape.

Every pupil is attend personally as a way to take admission at any date all through month.

There is no limit of age and qualification in our institute.

There is a ten% cut price on starting a new course after completing the one from our institute.

Every student has to bypass the exam check to get his/her certificate.

Students can gain extra experience in their talent by running as an internee in identical institute where revel in e certificates is also awarded with their direction certificate.

The college students who've passed out from our institute are serving in distinct cities national as well as incomes nicely outside the country.

The trainers of our institute are earning their living outside and inside the united states.


Basic IT course

•        Typings

•        MS Excel

•        Internet & E-mail

•        Ms.Publisher

•        MS word

•        Ms Power Point

•        Software Installation

•        Window Installation

Duration 2 months courses

Advance Excel Course

Famous characteristic to create account

1. Vlookup/hlookup

Lookup_value this is the option in which your typed variables will go to search for the values inside the cells of the bigger desk for records.

Table array, it sets the range of the big desk from in which the facts can be drawn. It units the volume of the information you need to select. Col index num this command box specifies the column from where statistics has to be pulled. Range research right here you enter either genuine or false.

2. Sum function

This function is mot popularly used to sum a collection of numbers in the precise column. The sum feature has a devoted button for itself in the domestic tab which may be used to sum after choosing the part of the column.

3. MAX MIN function

This function is used to tug the most and the minimal values from the chosen set of statistics. To get the most value you need to input ‘MAX’ in the feature tab and to get the minimal value you have to enter ‘MIN’.

4. IF function

The If characteristic is used to tug data of truth and false regarding a parameter set inside the variable box.

5. SUMIF function/SUMIFS characteristic

SUMIF characteristic helps you to look up for a positive set of facts that suits your standards. The standards are entered in a wizard field which incorporates the variety tab, criteria tab and the sum range tab. The range tab indicates the vicinity you want to appearance in. The mobile is located through the criteria tab and the sum range tab provides up the facts which match your standards. And many others programs.

6. COUNTIF Function/COUNTIFS function

The simplest difference among the previous feature and COUNTIF feature is that the latter does not upload up the matching values from the cells. It simply pulls the set and displays it to you.

7. AND Function

This function is used to set multiple criterions for searching the variables. If the variable matches with the more than one criterion then the cost is back as true or else the quest suggests FALSE.

8. Time functions

There are a number of features which might be used to expose precise data concerning time.


Using worksheets in excel using excel's goal seek and solver Using Excel's Pivot tables

Excel data Functions:

 Everything You Need to Know Using Basic Characters in Excel to Understand Data Lookups Formatting in Adobe Indexing How to Create Data Lists in Excel Analyzing Financial Data with Ratios in Accounting Editing and Referencing Cells and Worksheets in Excel The Balance Sheet, Debits and Credits, and Double-Entry Accounting: Practice Problems Concepts of Cost of Capital in Financial Analysis Using the Income Statement to Interpret and Itemize Information. The Importance of cash flow in financial statement analysis. Duration: 1 Month

Certificate in Information Technology

•        English Typing

•        Urdu Typing

•        Ms.Word

•        Ms.Excel

•        Ms.Power point

•        Ms.Publisher

•        MySql(Basic)

•        Corel Draw (Basic)

•        Website Basic

•        Picasa

•        Internet

•        Drop Box

•        G Drive

•        Networking (Basic)                                     

•        E-mail

•        Software Installation

•        Window Installation

Graphic layout route:

•        Basic path

•        Advance route

•        Professional direction

Web course:

•        Web designing

•        Web improvement

Video Editing course:

•        Adobe top-quality

Accounting guides:

•        Peachtree

Beautician Courses

Vocational publications

Arts/Fine guides

Cooking Baking chef publications

These courses are done in 3 months period