The Federаl Investigаtiоn Аgenсy (FIА) reveаled оn Thursdаy. The biоmetriс dаtа оf the Nаtiоnаl Dаtаbаse аnd Registrаtiоn Аuthоrity (NАDRА) hасked. due to increase in cybersecurity in country..

Cybercrime wing said that NADRA's database has been hack. it was a quantum hack.

He inform that 13000 simcards has been issue by the frauds. 

Cyber Security

NADRA info Hack In Context Of Cyber Kill Chain And summary Of Pakistan’s Cyber Security.

NADRA (National info and Registration Authority) may be a centralized country wide ID info of West Pakistan. This attack has become the most important scandal among the history of cyber-attacks in West Pakistan.

This paper pursuits to present an evidence for this attack among the context of Cyber Kill Chain (CKC). May be a framework that explains the categorization of steps blanketed during a cyber-attack.

This attack, all the fingerprints and records taken had been retrieve. This gave a degree to excogitate that we have a tendency to really need to beautify our security measures. Have fascinating defense mechanisms.

This paper additionally discusses our modern cyber cognizance degree as a rustic.

National info and Registration Authority

Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior, additionally to the National info and Registration Authority (NADRA), have every refused to require responsibility of associate allegedly primary info leak comprising private and altogether chance touchy facts of additional than 100 million mobile users, inflicting uproar amongst people of the civil society and raising worries roughly digital protection.

According to a letter dated December one from the inside ministry to Sindh state supreme court (SHC) Assistant lawyer General Hussain Bohra, associate inquiry board inquisitory the alleged facts leak performed a specified rhetorical evaluation the usage of the services of cybersecurity company Rewterz and located that there was no info leak at the a part of NADRA.

West Pakistan Mobile User

The information in question is associated with West Pakistan Mobile Users and no longer of NADRA, the board aforementioned, together with that it did no longer correlate with the NADRA info, proving that the facts is not from NADRA database.

The frame directed the SHC to contact the Ministry of knowledge Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT), that it declared could more be during a higher role to publish relevant information.

The difficulty of the inculpative records leak turned into additionally raised on social media by means of journalist Haider Kaleem, United Nations agency termed it, bizarre [given] however there’s complete silence over the thievery of 11 million Pakistani residents’ sensitive data.

 Federal Investigation Agency

In a world whereby facts could also be the foremost precious artifact, info of a facts hack, that too of a government frame, is threats. nonetheless that is what is reportedly happening with the National info and Registration Authority (NADRA) in line with the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA).  The FIA has confiscated spherical 13,000 such illegal SIMs at some stage during a crushing in Lyallpur.

The gravity of any attack against the govt info, that continues statistics of all residents, cannot be underestimate. To tackle any virtual challenges which has this one. The govt desires to be united and pull in its sources to protect our Internet.