Punjab School Education Department has released homework for spring holidays in schools. 
As third wave of Covid-19 seven districts closed their schools, Punjab School Education Department respective district's schools  released their Spring season holidays homework. All schools today advised their students to prepare  their homework according to the smart syllabus.

All the students have to submit their homework in the month of May to pass the annual exam . Incomplete homework will not be accepted, students benefit from the homework because students still living at home Will be able to read books.

 It is perceived that the Department of School Education has issued a new order for all schools. Illustrate that depart from seven districts of Punjab, only classes will be continued  while other curriculum activities like sports will be banned. A regular notification has been issued also.

As earlier reported on 11 March, the Serving Schools Association has appealed to the government to reconsider its decision on closing of educational institutions. President Mian Raza said that " 25 million children are out of school so closing down educational institutions is no more than playing with the future of the children". Furthermore he said that "we should launch an alternate educational system instead of closing them".

He added that private institutions are already suffering from the financial crisis. Mian Raza said that , steps should be taken in public places, adding that the government should be taken instead of making educational centers a training ground. Government should show its educational concern by taking back its decision.