Summary of COVID-19 cases across Pakistan. And over time.

Consist of detailed data about the flow of the Covid 19virus over time.

The COVID-19 daily epidemiology update.

And in different cities of the Pakistan.

Add the details of hospitalizations and deaths, testing, of patients.

COVID-19 from Islamabad

Another seven confirmed patients of coronavirus illness.

COVID-19 from Islamabad.

Have lost their lives due to the illness in the last 24 hours.

Taking the death toll from the region to 2,050.

While 320 new patients have been test.

Positive for COVID-19 from the twin cities.

That has taken the total number of patients.

So far registered from the region to 138,821.

Dr. Muhammad Zaeem Zia

District Health Officer ICT Dr. Muhammad Zaeem Zia informed. The News on Saturday that a total of 5,753 tests.

Were conduct in the federal capital in the last 24 hours.

Which 204 were report positive at a positivity rate of 3.54 percent.

In addition to identifying a patient with the variant.

Health officials say they have confirmed the variant in wastewater.

Health Care

He said that the healthcare workers.

In the federal capital are not only fighting COVID-19.

But also the ongoing risk of a rise in dengue fever cases in Islamabad.

Wear full sleeves, avoid outdoors. And do not let water pool anywhere near your house. 

Rawalpindi District

On the other hand, the positivity rate of COVID-19 in the Rawalpindi district has been record.

As 7.9 percent in the last 24 hours showing a significant rise.

According to details, patients died of COVID-19 from the federal capital.

In the last 24 hours while 205 new patients have been report from ICU.

And 123 from the Rawalpindi district.