(Akmal Soomro) Big news for teachers posted in government schools, it has been chosen to change the help rules of teachers posted in government schools.


The necessity to do B.Ed. or on the other hand M.Ed. degree on teachers with MA schooling degree has been eliminated. The Qualification Equality Committee had suggested eliminating the prerequisite of B.Ed. furthermore, M.Ed. In such manner, the S and GAD Department has given a letter to the schools - Department. It could be reviewed that prior it was likewise reported to offer honorarium to the teachers educating in low maintenance government schools. In the PTI's "Evening School" program, it was supported to give honorarium of Rs. Was Under this program, separate honorarium has been endorsed for the teachers. The top of the center school will get Rs. 18 and the teachers will get Rs. 15,000. The top of the great school will get Rs. A month-to-month payment of Rs. 7,000 was endorsed to non-educating staff. A sum of Rs. 12-billion was endorsed for teachers in the low maintenance school program.